4 Mnemonic Devices for Natural Memory Enhancement – Kyle Uchitel

The following is a guest post by Kyle Uchitel, co-founder of Phoenix based health supplements company Avky Inc.

Using mnemonic devices is a common, useful skill for remembering specific things (e.g., a phone number or address), and sometimes we use them without even realizing it. Actively using mnemonics throughout your day-to-day life can help engrain them as standard memory tools, and will naturally enhance your memory over time. They work by organizing the content of your memories into easier-to-remember formats, such as turning a long string of numbers into a phone number or a song. There are a number of useful mnemonic devices you can try if you’re looking to improve your memory in a natural, passive way.

  1. Using Acronyms – Acronyms are a way of turning a series of letters or a particular phrase into an easier-to-remember sentence or set of words. Taking the first letter of each word (or each letter in the series) and turning it into a new, easy-to-remember word can help you recall the phrase much more easily. One example is in learning to read music: an acronym for the order of the notes on the page (EGBDF) is “Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge.” Using acronyms in this way will aid you in remembering specific things and enhance your memory overall, too.
  2. Visualizing – Using visuals to remember things is a great way to expand your memory and help naturally enhance the connection between image and memory. If there is something specific you need to remember, such as a job interview or a meeting, you can associate it with a particular image (e.g., associate your keys with the job interview, that way every time you pick up your keys you will be reminded of it). 
  3. Rhythm and rhyme – Using rhythm or rhyme is a timeless technique for memorization – this is how players would remember their lines in Shakespeare’s theatre, and why meter became so important in playwriting. It is much easier to remember someone’s name when there is an associated rhyme (such as “Tony owns a pony”), and it is much easier to remember a phrase or phone number when you can sing it (think of jingles for ad campaigns you heard on television years ago – you still remember them, right?).
  4. Repetition – It’s been shown that it takes eight seconds to commit something to short-term memory. After that, you have to engage with the short-term memory at least three times in order to commit it to long-term memory. So if you’re looking to find a way to naturally remember things more easily, or enhance your memory overall, remember those rules. When you meet someone for the first time, use their name at least three times in conversation and you’ll be sure to remember it!

The Mentality of Business – Guest Post By Avky Inc

Where do great business people come from?

Were they born with hustle in their veins or did they build up to that mentality?

Either way I’ve noticed that all successful entrepreneurs have one thing in common. While each of them is unique in his own way they all share certain traits that might or might not be what it takes to make anyone successful.

If you can see these 3 traits in yourself it might be a sign that you’re on the right path or it give you an idea of what it takes to really get ahead of the crowd.

The Path to success is paved with Hustle

The mentality that makes ideas and dreams come true is the mentality of a hustler. These go-getters will let absolutely nothing get in between themselves and their goals. This translates in absolutely insane work ethic. Its not uncommon to hear of successful business people speak fondly of their 60 hour work weeks, often more. They understood that hard work is the only sure path towards the top, and rightfully so. Too many people are afraid of rolling up their sleeves and getting things done but the truth is that being able to put in the work is what separates the wheat from the chaff.

But a hustler is not just a hard worker but also a smart worker. Your desk is not the only (or the best) place to get ahead. Instead, as you forge towards your goals you will come to see the benefits of associating with the right people, those who share your mentality and have the skills you need.

You never stop learning

One surprising similarity between all entrepreneurs is their never ending desire to learn. According to the Jenkins Group survey, 42% of college graduates never read another book after college.

On the other hand those aiming high all have an affinity for reading. Bill Gates reads a book a week, Elon Musk of SpaceX learned about building rockets through reading and Warren buffet read up to 1000 pages per day when he started his investment career.

This trait is not about reading a lot but about always being hungry for more knowledge, indulging in your curiosity.

Opportunity is everywhere

When you are constantly hustling and learning, opportunities will seem to pop up out of nowhere and what the best entrepreneurs do is seize those chances.

They understand the needs of people and if it can become a good business idea. Even though they may witness thousands of great ideas they understand the risk associated with them and know how to pick the ideas with reasonable amounts of risk.

And once they’ve made a choice they immediately start working on its execution with precision and intense focus.

This has been a guest post from Avky Inc co-founders Kyle Uchitel and Aleksandr Vasser.

Should You Start a Business?

Some people wish to start a business because they want to escape employee life, but that is not right. There truly is one and only justifiable reason motivation to begin a business. You should start it if you’ve found a business sector need, a client issue that asks to be understood, and have the energy and responsibility to think of a superior arrangement than what’s out there. That is the thing that genuine business visionaries do. See, there’s a huge measure of buildup around business enterprise nowadays. You can’t visit a solitary site without perusing about it. So the weight to fit in with this specific social standard is gigantic.

Starting a Business

Also, it is so natural to begin an organization with a site and an online journal. It costs nothing to begin. On the other hand, if you wish to start a brick and mortar business, you can do so only if you pay a close attention to its financial situations. Accessible capital is tight in today’s surroundings. All costs should be observed nearly and that each dollar should be viewed as a venture. Contribute your cash shrewdly. Stroll before you run. Do your exploration. Realize what you are getting included in. Try not to go into any business indiscriminately.

Converse with bunches of different business people, both in your new business and out, to figure out whether you are picking the right business for you. When you settle on the choice, put one hundred percent of your endeavors into it consistently. No one but you can make it work. The seemingly insignificant details matter. Begin with a solid establishment and ensure you have your plans in succession before you go to advertise. Early introductions are vital and it merits requiring the additional investment and push to ensure you are set up to convey a first class item from the earliest starting point.

Preparations to Start a Business

Before you are able to start a business, you would have to make a business plan first so you know where you are going and you can find investors. The planning can differ contingent upon your finance. You likewise need to make sense of different business duties, for example, city, district and state. There isn’t one rundown of the considerable number of charges you may need to pay, so you have to get sorted out and make sense of this early. Overlooking and recording late can be harmful. The most imperative thing a little entrepreneur can do is making an arrangement for repeating downswings in their business action and income.

Important Preparations to Start a Business

There is a considerable measure to be done when you’re not giving your administration or offering your products. Make a rundown of showcasing exercises, meet up with contacts, sort out your records and office. A respite in business is a chance to enhance and plan. In like manner, income will come in waves. Income is not a steady stream, but rather costs are. To manage the costs of operation before the business starts making money, the little entrepreneur ought to anticipate either beginning with money holds or attempting to gain a credit extension from a nearby bank.

Getting the word out to potential clients about the administrations you are giving and guaranteeing potential customers that you are not kidding about building a business for the long haul, not simply filling time between occupation, is an important thing. Arrange intensely. Make sure to lead advertising effort, to report your new business to the world. Each waking hour is about showcasing for the initial six to twelve months. Nobody realizes that you exist, and you are the special case who can promote your new business viable. The main test for all organizations, youthful and old, is income.